All about Manual Gearboxes and Differentials

There are 3 primary symptoms to look out for when diagnosing Manual Gearboxes:

  • Jumping out of Gear
  • Grating into Gear
  • Noisy

Jumping out of gear – When a vehicle hops out of gear, 99% of the time this is because the gear is worn. The original gear tooth pattern meshes together with a flawless point of contact. Sadly after some time this contact pattern wears out to the red line on the gear tooth and the 2 gears no longer mesh properly. The most well-known cause of this symptom is high mileage and basic wear and tear.


Understanding Auto Parts

When you need to repair your vehicle there are certain auto parts you may need to replace which can be done by yourself or you would have to go to an auto body shop where trained staff will be able to assist you with your vehicle needs.

Making the decision to invest in new or used parts can be a thin line between saving some money and going with the used product and spending some more money and fitting in brand new parts on your vehicle. People have the misconception that buying new parts means a better product because it has never been used but there is no guarantee that they won’t have problems in the future and cost you quite a lot of money. more…

Improve your driving with these Clutch Control tips

Learning to drive is a huge milestone for many people; gaining that skill gives you freedom to go to the places you want to without having to ask someone to take you or using public transport to get there. This skill isn’t one that comes easy and requires dedication and effort to get you where you want to be.

The clutch is a key component for your car and the tool you need to be familiar with to take your car from place to place. Proper clutch control is essential for the driving purpose of your car. Failure to maintain clutch control means that you also have less control over the car, thus making you a road hazard as you could possible cause an accident. When driving a manual car it is essential that you master controlling the clutch as soon as possible.


The simple design of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulics is the liquid version of pneumatics. Fluid mechanics provides the foundation for hydraulics and this focuses on the applied engineering using the properties of fluids. The main use for hydraulics is the generation, control, and transmission of power through the use of pressurized liquids. Hydraulic cylinders are an important part of mechanical equipment, tools and vehicles.

A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical mechanism that is used to give a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. It is used in construction equipment, manufacturing machinery  and civil engineering.


How do Electric Motors work?

The concept of electric motors is really straightforward: all you have to do is put electricity into one point and that the other point a metal rod will rotate which provides you with the power to drive an automobile.  In order to understand exactly how an electric motor works in practice, we will have to look at past times.  The basic understanding comes from electricity being inverted into motion.

Assume you take a length of normal wire, make it into a circle, and lay it between the poles of an effective, durable horseshoe magnet. When you attach the tow end of the wire to a battery, you will soon find the wire hop up.  Scientists have effectively explained how this bounce is possible.  This is where the magnetic flied comes in, the current creates a magnetic field along the wire. And if by any chance you place a permanent magnet near to the magnetic field, the temporary magnetic field will interact with the permanent magnetic field. 


A brief history on Fuel Injection: Know your car-parts

Fuel injection is the presentation of fuel in an inside ignition motor, most usually car motors, by the method of an injector. All diesel motors utilize fuel infusion by plan. Petrol motors can utilize gas coordinate infusion, where the fuel is straightforwardly conveyed into the ignition chamber, or aberrant infusion where the fuel is blended with air before the admission stroke.

On petrol motors, fuel infusion supplanted carburetors from the 1980s onward. The essential contrast amongst carburetors and fuel infusion is that fuel infusion atomizes the fuel through a little spout under high pressure, while a carburetor depends on suction made by admission air accelerate through a Venturi tube to draw the fuel into the airstream.


We supply Engine Parts, and many other products!

We are the leaders in the industry when it comes to the supply of Engine parts. In addition to that, we supply various other automobile parts too.

Our expertise in the supply of motor parts extends to:

1. Engine parts

The engine is responsible for the running of your vehicle. Think of it as your own brain; even if all the other parts are present, without a fully functioning brain, you will not be able to do anything. The engine works in precisely the same manner. Without an engine, the car does not mean anything.


All about Car Steering Parts

Checking auto steering parts is best achieved when the vehicle is on the ground in the park position and with the wheels pointed straight. This is sometimes referred to as checking the suspension while loaded.

This is a similar way the parts are utilized while driving. Checking the vehicle while on a lift with the front wheels hanging is alright for some suspension parts, yet this is not recommended for steering parts. Failure to check them loaded can result in poor diagnosis.


Toyota Replacement Parts

Meet the Specialists in Toyota Replacement Parts:

Toyota Replacement Parts have earned a reputation of being highly reliable and cheap to maintain, and with Gemini Parts – you can be sure that this remains the same for years to come.

When a car is brand new, you don’t often need to spend much on mechanical parts, but when things go wrong – or once a car starts racking up the kilometers – it will need some care.


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